KL Energy : Technology

A natural solution to a world energy problem

KLE is a first mover in the global commercialization of cellulosic ethanol using its proprietary, patent pending, thermal-mechanical pre-treatment process that takes non-food wood and herbaceous feedstock and reduces them to their main components:

  • Cellulose, the world’s most common organic compound is a complex carbohydrate, the glucan polymer is harder to break than starch but once broken into glucose is easily fermented into ethanol
  • Hemicellulose, is a complex polymer of several sugars and organic acids that makes up the non-structural part of the plant wall. The sugars are easier to release than cellulose, but more difficult for most organisms to ferment
  • Lignin is an complex chemical compound and after cellulose one of the most abundant organic polymers on Earth (about 25-33% of the biomass) which can be used as an energy dense solid fuel or chemical intermediary

Our highly efficient process is built around our ‘mild’ pre-treatment technology that can effectively prepare multiple feedstocks for enzymatic hydrolysis and subsequent co-fermentation. Our capability of freeing up most cellulose and hemicelluloses polymers while minimizing the formation of inhibitors translates into low enzyme and yeast dosage as well as short processing times.

The KLE process allows for the cost competitive production of 2G ethanol and bio-lignin and is particularly suited for the integration into a wide variety of industrial facilities and power plants.

We develop for our customers, energy efficient, individually tailored solutions for both stand alone and fully integrated facilities with biomass processing capacities starting at 100,000 dry metric tons per year.