Energy while doing twerking

A few months ago a company that laughed making energy

They realized that with the movement of the body they could make energy and thought about the twerking because when dancing a person moves a lot, but to know if it could work first before selling it they had to try it with girls who knew how to do twerk so began the search to find a girls who knew how to move and shake their hips to be able to do the experiment well, After looking they found 3 girls who were willing to offer themselves to see if they could make energy while moving their ass, At the beginning it was a little comedic and made them laugh but then later he started to get serious and have to be dancing a lot of time to calibrate to work well, After several days of tests and things they managed to make energy from the asses of these girls since their movements were very quick because they are girls who dedicate themselves to doing shows. They tried to make the first prototype but it had many failures since it was very complex and had many cables and was very uncomfortable, A if that again try again to do so in a way that is more comfortable and with fewer cables since their previous form was very uncomfortable at the time of twerking, 1 year later with followed by To do it in a much smaller and more comfortable way for the girls as a device only to charge the mobile phones or other similar things, The first battery of energy by the girls who moved the ass to charge their energy, But the final what followed and created a thing that nobody could imagine.